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23 August 2007



Many thanks Theodora--looks like you had an excellent experience at the Leadership Institute.

Although the four frames seem useful, I offer a gentle caution to resist the desire to fit every interaction you have somewhere within the frames.

An example from politics...Remember how the Democrats wanted to "re-frame" the party's message after 2004. Keep the same ideas, just express them differently, and "voila!" electoral success would be theirs.

In the end Democrats did achieve substantial gains in 2006; but this had more to do with President Bush's incompetence than with any re-framing program. Life trumped theory, even if the theory made sense in the abstract.

Without taking the four frames test, I presume I'd score high on politics, low on human resources. So that's a strong clue about how to approach me most of the time. But in any given circumstance I just may surprise you and act "out of frame!"

So let the frames be your guide, but not your master.


Marcus - I couldn't agree more. Taking any management/leadership theory and applying it to the letter has a high probability in not working - every situation is different! However, looking at things through frames has already made me see new angles, particularly about people. Someone I would have previously considered "HR" belongs firmly in the Political frame, but as you said, we all can act "out of frame" and indeed, should do so! ideally, while we have a comfort area, we are well rounded in our actions and words. Thanks Marcus for the great insight.

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