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19 July 2007


Marcus Banks

Great post! I was losing track of this important issue, but now I am back up to speed.

One positive development over the last few years is publisher acceptance of "self-archiving". Authors are free to post their work on their own web sites, even though the official version of the article remains the property of the publisher.

This option is available now, and is a great way to increase access to taxpayer-funded research. If all authors did this, making the NIH policy mandatory would be much less pressing.

Few authors have even heard of self-archiving, and even fewer practice it. There are endless opportunities for librarians here, from education about self-archiving to setting up systems to make it happen.

I hope the NIH recommendation becomes law, but since publishing companies have good lobbyists I'm not holding my breath. Widespread self-archiving would make this discussion a moot point.

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