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23 February 2005



As I was reading the article I understood the responsibility each individual should take about their own health. My concerns were more towards what the gov. believes is the truth when talking about healthcare.
I am really afraid about the bond between the drug and food companies and our government. I have been doing some personal research about health issues for a woman my age. The information out there is broad and very vague, its more like damn if you do or damn if you dont!!

How could you place food additives that make people eat more, and at the same time make them responsible when their scale hits 50 or 100 lbs overweight? How can a doctor tell a woman to do HRT (which has proved to cause cancer), instead of prescribing a natural remedy? Another important issue is the cost of health care!? A large percentage of our population cannot afford to go for a physical let alone pay for prescription meds or eat a healthy diet.

I have learn some of the answers to these questions and they all point to bigger issues that are hard to comprehend. I understand that my concerns are broader than what the article talks about, however when it comes to health and my responsibility these issues and other controversies are at the forefront of my personal research.


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